Barbed Wire




As a kind of isolation protective fence, barbed wire is made by barbed wire machine which wounds the steel wire on the main wire (strand). Surface treatment is needed to strengthen the anti-corrosion strength and prolong life. As its name, galvanized barbed wire has a galvanized surface treatment, which can be electro-galvanized and hot dip galvanized; while the surface treatment of PVC barbed wire is coated by PVC and the barbed wire inside is black wire, electroplated wire and hot dipped wire.


As a new product, clad aluminum barbed wire is coated with a layer of aluminum, which is also called aluminizing. We all know that aluminum is not rust, so the surface coated by aluminum can greatly improve the corrosion resistance and make it a longer life.


Uses: It can be used for security and protection of plant, private villas, the first floor of residential building, construction sites, banks, prisons, counterpart, military bases, the cottage, low walls and other places.


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