Window Screening




Raw Materials: polyester wire, aluminum wire, nylon, plastic wire, stainless steel wire, brass wire, fiberglass, plastic (PVC), painting, galvanization and so on.


Materials: low carbon steel wire, stainless steel wire, chemical fiber wire, magnesium alloy wire, galvanized wire, PVC wire, aluminum wire.


Weaving: warp knitting; Weaving can be divided to type I (commonly known as woven), type II (commonly known as flash), Ⅲ type (commonly known as bilateral).


Features: light weight, good toughness, rust resistance, good ventilation, and easy to clean.


Uses: used in hotels, public buildings, civil residences to against mosquitoes.


Category: Fiber screens (currently the best-seller), stainless steel screens, painting screens, galvanized screens, fire prevention screens, invisible screens, aluminum screens, PVC coated iron screens, fiber glass screens, iron screens.

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